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Severe Neck Pain (Osteoarthritis)

“My Orthopedic Surgeon recommended I try Acupuncture, as my Arthritic neck pain was unbearable. I have had the pain since December, 2003, along with wrist, hand and joint pain caused by Osteoarthritis.

This condition interfered with everything I did, and became so painful, it greatly reduced my daily activities and interfered with my sleep at night. I was taking a variety of medications for my Osteoarthritis, including Mobic, cortisone injections, and Etodolac. Each helped for about 6 months.

I called the Acupuncture & Wellness Center in April of 2005, and made an appointment with Cindi Fox Kemp. Within 3 visits to the Acupuncture & Wellness Center, the pain in my neck started to lessen. With regular visits twice a week, within 3 weeks, the pain in my neck was gone. During the Acupuncture treatments, Cindi also addressed the pain in my hands, wrists, and foot. The regular Acupuncture treatments along with the Herbal Formulas prescribed to me were working so well, I was able to resume doing all of the daily activities I used to enjoy. I continue with regular Acupuncture treatments once every two weeks to maintain the great results I have experienced. Acupuncture has made a big difference in my life.”

– Francis G.

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