Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

“I had been suffering with heel pain for the past 10 months. This condition limited my walking, and jogging, and at times was so painful, I limped when I walked. I had been to a Podiatrist, and was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and Physical therapy. I did the physical therapy for 3 months without taking anti-inflammatory medication with little relief. I had concerns about the anti-inflammatory medication, as there was growing concern as to the side effects and longer-term repercussions of taking these medications.

I made an appointment with the Acupuncture & Wellness Center in March of 2005, and with regular weekly treatments, my diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis was barely discernible by the end of April. I did notice, when the pain was barely present, I was apt to skip visits, and the pain would sneak back up, but not nearly to the level it had been.

On a final note, I was truly impressed with Cindi Fox Kemp’s professionalism and constant care that she rendered during my visits. There were a few instances where she called me personally to see how I was doing after a visit. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to try alternative medicine to consider acupuncture, and visit Cindi for first-hand information on how she can help you.”

– Annamalai R.