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Patient Testimonials


“I sought acupuncture treatment with Cindi Fox Kemp for secondary infertility and stress. I suffered a miscarriage several months prior and since then my menstrual cycles were irregular. Cindi did a very thorough evaluation and consultation before beginning my treatments. After about two months of weekly acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements, my menstrual cycle was regular and my stress level

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Menstrual Irregularities (Heavy Bleeding)

“I had a procedure to stop my very heavy menstrual bleeding (uterine ablation), and was bleeding from this procedure for 2 months. I had bad cramping, was sleeping horribly, and felt really bad. I made an appointment with Cindi on June 6th. This was the first time I had ever even considered Acupuncture, and made the appointment because my Chiropractor,

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Knee Pain

“I sought Acupuncture treatment for knee pain that I have had for one year. Well… If I was skeptical before… I can’t be now… My leg is brand new. I’ve driven all over town, jogged, squatted for 10 minutes and hiked a bit… all with NO stiffness at all!! You rock!!!”

-Darren D.

Anxiety/Depression • Acid Reflux • Asthma

“After attending an Acupuncture seminar given by Cindi, I made an appointment with her.  At 28 years old, I was on 4 pharmaceutical drugs, and was very concerned about my future.  I was taking medication for Anxiety/Depression, Acid Reflux, and recently developed Asthma.  I also had rather painful periods, and was taking Advil for cramps and headaches regularly.

I was

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