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Back Pain • Insomnia • Stress • Weight Loss

“I came to the Acupuncture & Wellness Center for many reasons. My chief complaints were Back pain, insomnia, stress and a weakened immune system. I was on five pharmaceutical drugs, and seriously wanted to improve my health and get off the drugs I was taking.

Cindi Fox Kemp explained that it would take some time to address all of my conditions and that I needed Acupuncture treatments two times a week for four weeks to begin to get my wellness back on track.

As I started receiving Acupuncture and taking the herbal formula, I slowly started to feel better. As time when on, my pain lessened dramatically, I began sleeping much better, I was far better able to deal with the stressors in my life, and I was not getting sick as often. There were several time my officemates were sick, and I never got what was “going around.” This was a first for me.

I was feeling better than I had felt in years. After about two months into my Acupuncture treatments, I noticed that something else was happening – I was loosing weight, and I was thrilled! Dr. Kemp explained that when you realign and rebalance the body, a metabolic optimization (of sorts) takes place, and weight-loss can occur. I also noticed that with my enhanced health, I had a far greater sense of wellbeing. I eventually got off all but one of my pharmaceutical drugs.

I am so delighted with what Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has done for me – I hope more people realize the options they have in dealing with their health. I now go in for Acupuncture treatments once every two weeks to keep my health on track and to maintain all the benefits I have gained.”

– Angela G.

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