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Anxiety/Depression • Acid Reflux • Asthma

“After attending an Acupuncture seminar given by Cindi, I made an appointment with her.  At 28 years old, I was on 4 pharmaceutical drugs, and was very concerned about my future.  I was taking medication for Anxiety/Depression, Acid Reflux, and recently developed Asthma.  I also had rather painful periods, and was taking Advil for cramps and headaches regularly.

I was determined to eliminate some if not all of the conditions I was experiencing.  Cindi Fox Kemp explained that she would not recommend that I reduce or stop taking any of the prescription medication I was taking, but felt that through Acupuncture and Herbal formulas, she could address the conditions I was experiencing.  She explained that the herbal formulas were natural, and since they were not synthetic, were much gentler on my body than the pharmaceutical drugs.

I went for Acupuncture treatments two times a week for several months, made the dietary modifications recommended, took the recommended herbal formulas, and 4 months later, I am now taking only one prescription medication for my acid reflux.  My periods are much less painful, and I rarely, if ever, get headaches anymore.

I am feeling so much more balanced and relieved to have reduced my dependency on prescription drugs.  My acid reflux problem has been reduced by about 90% and I feel that acupuncture helped break the cycle of needing higher and higher doses of prescription antacids.  Acupuncture treatments also had a great stress-relieving and uplifting effect on me.  I often noticed as I was driving home from my treatments a sense of being relaxed and uplifted.  I find great comfort in knowing that I have a natural method of keeping myself physically and mentally healthy, now, and for the future.”

-Jill G.

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